Lesson series

Advanced Red Team Academy®

The Advanced 10-Day Red Team Academy covers all theoretical and practical methods for conducting quality Red Teams such as Physical Security, Technical and Social Engineering methods.
Date: December 2, 2024
Location: Tampa, FL
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  • Learn to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in physical, technological, and human domains of any security operation.
  • Develop and enhance critical red teaming skills.
  • Practice conducting real red teams under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • Benchmark red team best practices across the industry.

Who Should Attend

Law enforcement, special operations, explosives ordinance disposal teams, S.W.A.T. team operators and undercover operators deployed to protect public events, areas of mass gathering, mass transit or other venues. Due to the content and information presented in this program, Rozin Security Consulting LLC reserves the right to refuse participation from individuals who do not have the necessary security clearance and/or background.

Red Team Course

The 5-Day Red Team Academy covers full-training exercises (FTX) with students conducting real red team assessments of actual protected offices, buildings, and/or organizations (completely authorized and controlled by host Rozin Security).
Meet the instructor

Michael Rozin, CTM™

Michael is a founding partner and the president of Rozin Security. For nearly 25 years, he has focused on terrorism prevention and security, and is highly skilled in proactive protection against terrorists and other high-risk perpetrators of violence.
Patrick Jones - Course author